Thieves Used an Axe and an Audi to Stage One of Europe’s Largest Museum Heists. Here Are 10 of the Priceless Treasures They Stole

This story is about one of the largest heists that took place in Europe. And the interesting thing is that thieves have managed to steal some pretty expensive and priceless items using an ax. Sounds strange, right? But it is true. 

The thieves had targeted Dresden’s famous Green Vault. Even though thieves only took a few jewelry pieces but they have managed to get their hands on 10 Baroque-era jewels. 

Art Collection, Marion Ackermann said, “the value of the pieces individually is not nearly as much as their historic value as ensembles”. She further added, “We hope that their international fame will preclude they are being offered on the market”.

Scroll down to have a look at the precious pieces of jewelry that have got stolen.


Breast Star of the Polish White Eagle Order (Brilliant Set). Made in Geneva/ Vienna between 1746 and 1749 of diamonds, rubies, gold, and silver. Green Vault, Dresden State Art Collections. Photo: Jürgen Karpinski.


Piece of the diamond rose set owned by Christian August (before 1747-98). Produced in 1782-89, Dresden, Saxony. © SKD


Epaulette (diamond rose set), Christian August Globig and August Gotthelf Globig. Dresden 1782-89. Consists of 20 large and 216 small diamonds, as well as silver and gold. Green Vault, Dresden State Art Collections. Photo: Karpinski


Sword with sheath (diamond rose set). Owned by Christian August Globig (before 1747-98). Manufactured 1782-89, Dresden. © SKD.


Jewel of the Polish White Eagle Order (Diamond Rose Set). © SKD.


Large chest bow from the jewelry of the queen. Owned by Christian August (before 1747-98). Made in 1782. © SKD


Jewelry in palm form (brilliant set). Produced in 1746, Vienna. © SKD


Necklace made of 177 Saxon pearls. Manufactured in 1734-1937. © SKD.


Hairpiece in the shape of a sun with 127 diamonds and silver. Owned by August Gotthelf (1769-1819). Produced in Dresden, 1782-1807. © SKD.


Hairpiece in the shape of a crescent moon. Owned by August Gotthelf (1769-1819). Produced 1782-1807, Dresden. © SKD.


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