What Art is for? How many people think that they can draw?

Art keeps us hopeful.

Art is there where there is hope.

It’s an obvious but striking fact that the most popular works of art in the world show pretty things, happy people, flowers in spring, blue skies.

There is a deep desire for us to take pictures. The teaching of drawing is teaching people to look.
That’s what it’s doing.

Art has a relationship with history, philosophy, politics, and arts. People generally have a perspective that art is just making pretty pictures. Actually, art is connected to life.

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Art can not be taught as you teach English. English exists whether you do it or not but when your doing art for the center of doing art is in yourself.
Most of the literate subjects do not ask that of them. so this develops an entirely different round of skill.

Creativity is a product of thinking and without it, one can not open up and ask how to question.
Art opens all of those kinds of passages and possibilities to think beyond what we already know.

To make it simple innovation is not possible without art. To study history, geography, or since you still need to be creative. Art and cultural production are at the very center of what makes society what it is. and for an entirely new generation not to know what is the cultural and visual history of ourselves is kind of denying our own identity. Art is a reflection of the society that we are. The ways art helps to find the identity of a nation that One can trace that pack.

Historically it’s deeply embedded in humanity. What art education does to people who are not good to be artists is giving them the opportunity to build a certain aspect of themself that otherwise would be ignored, undeveloped, or reprise.

Nothing is small stimulating, exciting, consoling than looking at a brilliant piece of art. Art teaches you to deal with the be with the road around you. It’s the oxygen that actually makes all the other subjects breathe.

There is a famous quote which is as-

Art shows us what it is to be human
and that’s why art should touch everybody,s life.

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Indrajeet Bose
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