Dear Future be Magical

Future poem by Aashvi Solanki

Through the mists

Through the dusk

I know you’re shining bright

You’re mystical

And so, is your presence

So, whenever I hear you

I will celebrate your footsteps

Like a blissful festival

Dear future,

You’re aware of my wishes

They might be tiny

But make sure to color them

In the hues of abundance

You might be bittersweet

With a little savory taste

But I promise to welcome you

With a grateful smile

And our unity will bring

Flowers in the barren desert

-Aashvi Solanki

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રાધા કૃષ્ણ

એ રાધા કૃષ્ણ ને મારુ નમન છે।

Drishtikon by Sunita Singh