White Silence by Aashvi Solanki

White Silence

I want to live

Under the starry sky

With the moon dancing on my skin

Where I am half conscious

Where your mild aroma

Is decorating my peace

Where your arm-like garlands

Are dressing my brightest smile

So, let me rest in them

As my soul waits for another transformation

That speaks so much like

The earliest October

Let me serve you, my love

With some laughs that taste like rose

With some flowers that bloom in love

Paint me like your journals

And fill me with those whispering shivers

As I want to hush their withered cries

By showing them your sweetest hymns

So, darling spread the magic of your existence

And be my longest winter

Because I am stuck in your starry gray eyes

Because the fading and falling with you

Seems like the new part of blooming

-Via teasing kisses of autumn

By Aashvi Solanki
Aashvi Solanki
Aashvi Solanki
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