Aashvi Solanki

Aashvi Solanki

Flowers and Charms Secured in Resin Jewelry

Resin Jewelry by Cactuss.in

The rise of resin jewelry is surging real fast and numerous celebrities are wearing them as ‘statement jewelry.’ Jewelry lovers, this one is for you. Hang tight and read below. When it comes to jewelry, I become very picky and…

Rebirth in August

August Poem by Aashvi Solanki

With the vintage songs And the tinsel moon, Here I welcome August, With the memories of dewdrops! Holding the bouquet of rosy dawn, Here my shiny moments were drawn, With some hues that depicted love, With some glitter that is…

यही तो इश्क़ है

Poem by Aashvi Solanki

आपका पता हमें नहीं, पर हमारा पता आपको जानना है। आप कुछ कहे नहीं, पर हमारा कहा आपको सुन्ना है। हमारी खबर जाननी है इन्हे पल पल की, पर कोशिश कर रहे हैं ये खबर को अपनी दफन रखने की।…

Dear Future be Magical

Future poem by Aashvi Solanki

Through the mists Through the dusk I know you’re shining bright You’re mystical And so, is your presence So, whenever I hear you I will celebrate your footsteps Like a blissful festival Dear future, You’re aware of my wishes They…