See How this Designer Grows her Business through Sustainable Clothes

Fashion. The word itself holds such grace and fanciness in it that almost any individual would get attracted to enhance their personality with a touch of fashion in it. And of course, it surely holds the comfort level to match the attire we go with.

But we cannot agree less that some fashion statements do give us a little confidence on what we appear on and some just give us the inspiration to recreate the best through it!!

And that is what I am presenting to all of you.

A Castle of Customized Clothes

We have heard the rhyming bits of paper but here I would say bits of magical clothes because it really does sprinkle the magic of creation in the empire of Benorita Dash who stitches clothes that are sustainable plus fashionable.

clothes by Benorita Dash
Bralette/ bustier

Sustainable Clothing- A Better Path To Future

Benorita Dash is a designer that resides in Bhubaneshwar. She is a creative designer who creates cute crop tops, ethnic trousers, scrunchies and so much more that you might just land up into her store named Ladyben.

The second largest polluting industry is fashion and to wipe this by the core Dash is creating fashion that is just a perfect way to be casual yet stylish. Many people call it trash but our expert and the Authorized Designer for the Government of Odisha proves them all wrong with her stunning clothes.

See!! I told you her unique patchwork techniques are the proof why her work is so brilliant yet subtle in its own way. With a heart that was stuck in patchwork since 6, Benorita runs with environmental love in her blood and she says,

“I started avoiding plastic early on and would opt for ceramics and glass products instead. I never purchased a lot of clothes and used to just mix and match everything. I don’t even like wasting food. I am what you would call a minimalist.”

Benorita Dash

Clothing is Now Green!!

Clothing designer Benorita Dash
Benorita Dash

Her contribution to work can be one the of bone to help our eco system stand in a healthy way. And not just the environment but also an inspiration to all the future fashion designers who wish to create a beautiful change in the world.

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