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From Zero Waste to Millions of Smiles Meet the Future of Fashion

With dazzling accessories and classy style. The fashion industry gives us major goals to upgrade but one thing it lacks is the after waste created; which as a result fills the land with waste.

According to the data, more than 1 million tonnes of clothes are thrown away just in India. Now wonder how much the number would increase if we count it globally. But thanks to many of our fashion designers who wish to see the change and make them come true.

90% of the wasted clothes can be recycled, re-worn, or upcycled and this realization made Akanksha Kaila Akashi seek her dream of creating a brand that is the one-stop shop for upcycled fashion that checks not just modern style but also runs a movement to evade the landfills.

Fashion Designer Akanksha Kaila Akashi
Akanksha Kaila Akashi

Fashion x Sustainability

Refash. A brand of upcycled fashion is a place where you can find accessories, clothes, and home décor in just one click. Their collection is multiplied also by recycling the old newspaper into convenient stationery.

“Cities like Mumbai need to lead the way in this kind of a movement primarily because of the amount of waste we generate. We should embrace sustainable solutions for activities that are part of our everyday lives. And a lot of people are on the lookout for alternative solutions to managing waste across all industries.”

-Akanksha in an interview with Mid Day

Refash: A Movement to Upgrade and Upcycle

2018 is when Akanksha found this growing idea of upcycling fashion. This brand runs on both online and offline modes to let people feel the touch of care that is handcrafted with affection. The ultimate motive of Refash is to create a single platform for the momentum of movement where the consumer gets every piece of knowledge related to upcycling.

“It is not just a brand, it is a movement – a movement that encourages people to change their consumption habits.”

-Source, Grazia, Akanksha Kaila Akashi

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